Sabtu, 02 Januari 2016

How Indonesian Celebrate New Year Eve 2016

hi guys, long time not post my story life in Jogja due one full month I am waiting for the result, keep your finger cross for me ;)
this time I would like to share about how Indonesian celebrate new year eve. As we know Indonesia is the richer country with diversity of culture, language, and local wisdom. so,every region has different way to celebrate, now I will give particular story about how Indonesia,especially student who is living far away from home celebrate their new year eve.
here I live with some students from Kalimantan, which is Kalimantan Tengah and Kalimantan Selatan (which language is so different and quite difficult to understand when they talk in mother language). majority of them is a postgraduate students of English Education, engineering, pharmacy, and IT.
we planed the BBQ which menu is chicken and corn. started from 21.00. you must be wonder where the party will be held? hahaha since we are far away from home then we learnt to be creative and holaaaaaa..... we did the party in a small garden of the kost
the boys was trying so hard to make burn the coal, which the girls started to make 'Bumbu" for the chicken and the corn. THE TOOLS was so super creative and traditional, we use skin of the corn as a brush for Bumbu

let the photos tell you....

all the process finished before 12.00 and we had our first super early food on the January 1st,2016 at 12.00
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 EVERYONE. my best wishes for your wishlists 2016.

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